Manager Cancelled My One to One

My manager has cancelled my one to one for the umpteenth time this morning. My colleague is off sick so I’m feeling quite unsupported and alone. I’ve done some models and would welcome input.

Current model
C: manager cancelled one to one
T: she never does anything to do with leadership training (our team) even though she is meant to be the senior partner. She’s off doing unrelated things she likes better
F: angry
A: complain to colleagues in office. Don’t raise how I’m feeling with manager
R: nothing changes

New model
C: manager cancels one to one
T: I can sort this out
F: confident
A: speak with manager and tell her how I’m feeling
R: improved relationship with manager

By brain is also giving me lots of reasons not to do the new model! Eg. She won’t have time to talk to me, I can’t find the words to start the conversation

New perspective would be most welcome!