Manager Discussion Follow Up #3

Previous coaching: What if you believed that no matter what happens you have the wherewithal to create new opportunities using your mind?

I’m going through the Organize Your Mind & Your Life Podcast Study Guide and on page 9, the prompt to take a negative thought to neutral unfolded like this:

– Manager is going to fire me for wanting to move states & go full-time remote
– I may lose my job with my company
– I have survived job loss before
– I know how to find a job if I have to

I’ve been keeping my employment focus very narrow because I want to stay on my team, with my company, with this particular manager.

I had a get-to-know-you conversation with our Chief Information Officer (CIO) and he made not-so-subtle hints that if he gets to pursue his vision for his chain of command, he would be interested in poaching me from my current team.

This is an entirely new thought to me: “I’m in demand.”

C: CIO said words
T: I’m in demand
F: Awed
A: Think about ways to increase my value even more to my current team, stop narrowing focus so much to how things are right now, allow the possibility that getting poached could work out great, think about ways to use this information to my advantage (like getting increased IT support for my current team, which needs it)
R: I increase my value output and increase my demand

C: The future is uncertain
T: No matter what happens, I can create new opportunities with my mind
F: Confident
A: Take the blinders off to see what other opportunities exist, continue exploring how to make myself irreplaceable to whomever I work for/with, control my calendar to make time to learn new skills & hone existing skills
R: I’m open to new opportunities wherever they come from