Manager Discussion Model Follow-Up

We talked about my core values before I told him our plans to move. After asking about my reasons, why we chose the place we chose, and chatting about it, he said “I’m disappointed but I understand.” This is about what I expected, but what I didn’t expect was him asking me to bring it up again in January/February, because our C-Suite is shuffling and we don’t have a CEO right now.

Other things he said:

“I’m guessing your plans would change if you didn’t have a job?”
“Don’t worry about it too much.” (talking about whatever changes a new CEO might make)
“As bad as it sounds, you’ll need to give me a deadline and an ultimatum when it gets to time.”
“I want to put off that decision as long as possible.”
“If I could have everyone working for me work out of the same office, I’d be happy.”

I’m not very fond of the “ultimatum” one.

I think if I could do it over I’d ask “what do I need to do to stay working for you AND move out of state?” Perhaps I’ll get the chance to ask this in Jan/Feb.