Manager excluding

I’d need some help on this model. I was doing a training in an external office and at the end of the day the manager said to the group, that I was training with a colleague, that if they needed help they could contact my partner. I was the one they were suppose to contact to support and I felt he was excluding me.
C training in manager says ‘you may contact Charley if you need some help”
T I am excluded
F Anger
A I was doubting my capacities, I felt disconnected with the group and the manager, I tensed up, I was interpreting everything against me, People were asking me what I had, why I was not as usual, I felt I had to work to fix the gap between what I had try to teach and what they needed, I felt it had took the wind out of my sail.
R I create more exclusion. ???

Could you check my model and tell how you perceive it ?
Thank you