Can you help me with this thought?
C – My Manager
T – He doesn’t trusts me and looks me in a way that makes me feel small/inauthentic.
F – Enough of him, Fed-Up
A – Don’t want to show up, hide at work, not want to work in this company anymore,
R – I really don’t like how I am showing up

I just want to show up and deliver value to my company. But whenever manager acts in a certain way, I feel so disappointed and small and then with that feeling I don’t want to show up. And I really don’t like how I am showing up small.

Yeah, but my manager really doesn’t trust me. He questions me and then doubts that I am somehow lying to him.
This happened recently, I picked up the phone late because Skype stopped working and he said to me: Were you sleeping instead of working.
And I got really upset and sad. He always does that whenever there is some issue in my end.