Managing a team

I’m excited about September and am prepared with my weight loss goal and the work to complete. Although I’m a VIP, I have been more of a consumer instead of an applier to this work. I making that change this month and looking forward to new capabilities.

I am also so excited about your Entrepreneur Course especially managing a team. I need lots of help . I manage the office for a company we own. I currently deal with a very unhappy, negative employee who does not seem to like me at all because I feel she is incompetent with the work she was hired to do. (I understand I can’t make her like me and it even makes sense that of course she would blame me as I am her supervisor, but it still a process I’m working through) I’m a people pleaser so it seems harder to me than it should which this work has shown me but I still struggle and have guilt that I’m not doing things right. I hired additional help who are competent in the job. This employee was going to quit but after a conversation many months ago she decided to stay and work part-time. It has not been easy at all. Over the course of a few months her job duties now very minimal. I struggle to keep her busy in her reduced hours. And she gives me attitude when I don’t have additional work for her or when I have to bring something to her attention. She does not accept any kind of feedback easily and sometimes I don’t bring up most things because it is easier not too. I just fix and move on. I spend most of the day trying to be one step ahead of her so I don’t react. I feel she wants me to react (and I have before) so that she can use that as a way to leave and have the ability to collect unemployment. She has one useful job duty to me but the extra work she requires of me mentally and additional duties of checking her work and finding her work is difficult. I give her the power to show me all of my flaws as a supervisor. I keep thinking that if I figure this out I will be better for it. My husband and owner of the company asked me why I spend so much emotional energy and brain power on just her. He feels there is no changing the situation because of who she is but I feel somewhat responsible for making a better outcome. I have had to fire people in the past and it is never a good feeling obviously and I tend to blame myself for some part of it and still do at times. I guess I want this time to be different. This is a person that I would never enjoy as a friend and I surprise myself that I use great amounts of energy to try and fix a situation. Can you give me any guidance to help me until your program is available? I love my work but not to manage anyone but myself so I have been learning lots in my new chapter of life.