Managing confusion

I think my confusion is linked to anxiety but I am having a hard time managing it. It’s like my head is filled with molasses and I can’t think clearly. How do I manage it? It feels impossible in the moment and I am worried it’s impacting my work and job. I think also I may be resisting tasks and my feelings, maybe that’s why my body is so tight.

C: I am at work
T: I can’t think clearly
F: self-loathing (tight in shoulders, tight in head, tight in jaw, fast, low vibrations through body)
A: hop from one thing to another, forget what i was just working on, think there’s something wrong with me, worry i’m going to be fired, don’t absorb what was said to me, think about quitting, think about this job not being good for me, look up when I go to the psychiatrist again, go to the bathroom, buffer/procrastinate,
R: I hate how I am

C: I am at work
T: I can think
F: relief
A: look inside my head – there are thoughts there.
R: I think