Managing My Brain

My brain is screaming with regret over a situation. It now believes I should have decided on the other option. It seems so clear now on the other side that I should have gone with option 2 but I had plenty of time to think this through and then make the decision. It is convinced that I made the wrong one and its opinion is very strong that I missed out on an opportunity.

I believe this is why it is often hard to make a decision. I don’t like this a backlash I get from my brain.

Brooke says in the Decisions workbook “What makes a decision better than another one is just a thought. When you commit to making a decision, I highly recommend you commit to thinking about it in a way that supports the decision and has your own back.”

I have been working on inviting and allowing the feeling of regret. But the hard part is dealing with my brain when it is convinced it is so right. It’s hard to think about the situation in a way that supports the decision. It is rejecting that idea because the other option seems crystal clear now.

Speaking of opportunities, this situation happens to involve decision making but I believe it is another great opportunity to learn just how the primitive brain works and how to manage it well. Please teach me more about managing my brain and having my own back. Please share with me how you deal with your brain when the toddler is screaming as you are trying to evolve.

Thank you in advance for your help.