Managing other people’s opinions and comments about me

Hi Coaches! I am actively working on reducing the effect that my colleague’s comments on me or my personality / work style have on me. A “messy” C line Loaded with emotions would be,

C: Colleague makes mean and passive aggressive comments about my loud and quirky personality

A cleaned up C line would be:

C: Colleague makes comments about me

What are some good intentional thoughts to practice in my T line?

C: Colleague makes comments about me
F: indifference
A: Hear comment but let it go
R: Not fixating or obsessing about colleague’s comments

The thing is, “indifference” or “not caring” has not historically been one of my go-to emotions 🙂 I historically have cared a lot about how others think about me! I’m happy to consider trying on this new feeling since it will help me break the cycle of obsessing over comments from others.

Here come another few thoughts…
t: “Indifference sounds boring”
T: “I should care, because maybe they are right”
T: “if I obsess about it I might figure out how they are right about me”
T: “if I obsess about it I might figure out how they are wrong about me”

Maybe one of my problems is I don’t want to work harder to feel a boring feeling! I’m curious why I keep choosing to care about others’ comments and analyze comments – maybe because my brain has been doing it for 31 years 🙂

Thank you!!!