Managing thoughts, feelings and actions in the moment

I am a planning master! I am all over the get-stuff-done process of writing everything down that needs to be done, turning obstacles into strategies, etc. I’ve put everything on my calendar related to my business and weight loss goals and then…I don’t do it.

C – tasks are on my calendar
T – it doesn’t really matter if I do this OR it’s too hard OR it’s too scary OR… (depends on the situation)
F – afraid, unmotivated
A – procrastinate / do something else
R – tasks don’t get done

I’ve thought-downloaded and intentional-modeled this to death, and I think ultimately I just need some practical strategies for pausing in that split second where the choice gets made to follow through or not. Reminding myself of my “intentional thought” doesn’t seem to be enough…I even say it out loud sometimes and my mind still takes me in the wrong direction. (saying “I am choosing to follow my protocol today” while I’m taking the chips out of the cupboard, for example.) In that moment, I’m saying one thing but believing something else. How do I switch directions right in that moment?

I know it’s a practice and it’s hard work, and I’m trying to go easy on myself but it’s getting ridiculous. I work from home while my husband and kids are gone for the day, so I have to be able to rely on myself. I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!