Managing thoughts when kids are wild

HI –
I have done a few unintentional though models on how I think, feel and act when my kids are wild, fighting and doing things that make me cringe 🙂 3 girls : 17 mths, 4 yrs and 7 yrs.
I am having a hard time finding thoughts that serve me. I have found by being conscious of my thoughts that when I am feeling overwhelmed, don’t know what to do, and feeling bad- I just want sugar! I want it bad! I am trying to change my belief this month to “I do not need flour and sugar” and “I am worthy of resisting sugar and flour even though others around me are eating them.” Not because I need to loose weight but I know they are so bad for my body. I am expecting baby #5 and want to be as healthy as I can.
I have learned this in the past week or so and have really found it interesting that I turn to sugar. It’s the only time I want it!
I feel like the urge is getting stronger. So I did some models and can’t grasp a serving thought as I feel like it’s kinda hopeless getting them to play nicely and talk nicely to each other for the WHOLE day, or even when things don’t go as expected in any area of my life. What I have-
C things don’t go as expected T-I just need some candy and sugar F Overwhelm – self pity A Eat some sugar R Feel worse and want more sugar
C kids are wild T I just don’t know how to be a mom F failure A Eat sugar R still not know what to do
Any and all suggestions to get over this big bump would be so appreciated 🙂