Manifest money

I have $600 in my account.
I receive $2,000 a month in alimony.
Thats my income.
I just returned to my home after living in NC for 10 months while waiting for my daughter to receive a double lung transplant.
I do not have a job.
Starting a direct sales business to bring in income and continue to work from home.
Heres my deal…i will do whatever it takes to be in the 2019 Life Coaching School Certification program.
I need to bring in $6,000 a month to pay for the school and my monthly bills.
My struggle: How? I know thats not what im suppose to be thinking but how in the heck is this possible? I have not made $6,000 a month since 2009, prior to my daughter being sick. Becoming a life coach and helping other successful women who gave up their careers to care for their chronically ill child is literally keeping me awake at night…in a good way.
So, any advice? Model? I have to make this happen. My life depends on it!