I was feeling angry at my mum, so I did a thought download and I would like your advice. Growing up I have learned that my mum can never ask for anything she wants outright. She tries to always manipulate the situation. I cannot stand this. Today she was trying to manipulate me with guilt. I fell for it and then got angry at myself. My main thoughts were “She is willing to hurt me and upset me for her gain, she doesn’t care about me, she only cares about herself” I have always felt my mum is conditional with her love. She will not put herself out for anyone unless she gains something from it. And that hurts me. When I am away from the situation i.e. not with my mum, I feel better, as she can’t hurt me. I find when she tries to guilt trip me, I can’t stand it. I want to have a relationship with my mum. I want to learn how to manage my mind better in that situation (and really believe it). Do you have any tips? Thanks Brookie xx