Manual and Bad Behavior

How does one drop a Manual for someone without allowing or condoning certain behavior?

I don’t have a husband or children (yet!) but I think about this a lot when I watch coaching calls.

For example, where does a parent draw a line between letting their kid be themselves, but not allowing certain behavior like saying certain things or dating someone dangerous or doing drugs? Is this about boundaries? Again, I don’t have kids, but I would love to understand more about how The Life Coach School tools work with raising children and parenting.

Another thing, with husbands: When you make a request for a partner to do something like putting the toilet seat down, and they say they will, but then they DON’T…well then what? Haha! I certainly don’t want to be happy that a partner says they’ll do something and then they don’t do it, but wouldn’t that be a manual issue on my end?

How do you discern when something is worth having a manual for vs not? Or is there never a good use for a Manual, and only good use for boundaries? Is the answer: make requests for what you want when you want, but drop all expectations of a certain outcome?