Manual for my partner?

I am currently going through some real challenging life stuff. I am in the 50% not-so-great section atm for sure. I can see that I am doing well in other areas of my life but I am opening some wounds in therapy and having some realisations about my behaviours, reactions and processes that have shaped my life so far.

Throughout this process, I have found that my partner of 7 years who I love really struggles to be emotionally present with me and doesn’t know what to do when I get sad/upset/cry. He has lived a very positive life and hasnt had much drama in relation to my background and has stated he doesnt know how to support me or handle it.

For example, Last night I heard some really devastating news from home about my brother attempting suicide. I needed his support and for him to help me through it as I live 24 hours away from my family. INstead, he went to his Yoga class as if nothing mattered and then went out for dinner afterwards. He phoned me between the class and dinner and asked if I was OK and I said “as Ok as I can be”.

I know that i have a manual or an expectation about what he should have done but how do I even start to process this?