Manual for myself

I got coached the other day on how I felt like I might be giving up on my daughter by dropping my manual for her that she needs to get chores done when I want them done. I concluded that I was not giving up on her. In the end I needed to also drop the manual for myself which included her happiness and maturity are my responsibility. Throughout the day I was thinking about my other responsibilities in life. My job my health etc. Now that I am typing this I am realizing they are not responsibilities until I have the thought they are. I guess I get to have a job and be healthy. I was going to ask if there does have to some kind of manual to motivate me . I have answered my own question just writing this. There does not have to be a manual. I get to work, I get to be healthy if I choose. No manual just choices that can move me closer or farther from my results in life. Any further clarification on my rant not question would be appreciated.