Manual for Others Not to Have a Manual for Me

A good friend of mine is organizing a bachelorette for another friend.

I said that I was coming so I’ll go even if I just heard that it will cost me 800 euros for 48 hours of bachelorette :).

We debate often with this friend so I’m not ashamed of sharing my point of view but I don’t know how to deal with the emotion that I’m feeling judged and misunderstood. She told me that I was a bit cheap for thinking that it was a lot and it annoyed me so much!

She’s also getting married next year so probably, it says a lot about what she’s expecting me to pay for her wedding and bachelorette :).

The question here I think is more, how can I stop having a manual for people that have a manual for me? I guess, stopping having a manual for them?

Could you guide me a bit please?
Thank you!!!