Manual for ourselves

It occurred to me recently that besides having manuals for others in our life, we have a manual for ourselves — big time.

And just like how we get disappointed when others don’t follow our manual for them (since they have no clue about it), we disappoint ourselves when we don’t follow our own.

And that’s when Self sabotage, negative self talk, self hatred and judgment happen and repeat over and over again.

And that’s why Self love is mandatory and required for self coaching.

Here’s my question – do we rewrite our self manual (what we’re expecting of ourselves) or do we rewrite how to respond if we don’t follow our manual… although the response is part of our manual!

Oh my gosh, I can see why this is so challenging for the brain!

Rewriting our past – our July focus – is like rewriting our self manual.

Does it mean we need to adjust our self manual constantly in order to find that balance between achieving our goals while loving ourselves through all the lessons (aka failures)?