Manual for Self

Hi – I had an excellent private coaching call today with Chris today! Love him! And discovered that I have this giant manual for myself. I had never thought of this concept before. Sure I have one for my husband, but for me? Whoa! I wrote it all out, and f….. it’s long, it’s emotional. It’s overwhelming. It seems like impossible to achieve it all, but I still want to. I want to do/act everything I wrote. What do I do with it all, now that’s it’s on paper. Do I goal it out? But I want it all now! And some things aren’t possible…. for example ‘my child should only be at half day preschools’ and ‘I want a full time, executive job’. I can’t do both, I tried (thanks COVID closure), and it was awful! I choose to have in full day preschool, and I choose to have my career, but I still feel like I’m being a bad mom…. and I know that’s a lie, but I still feel… bad…..

What do I do with this list now? I’m overwhelmed.