Manual on Colleagues

I’ve been noticing that I have a hard time addressing people or negotiating with people on the workload. Because we are a small company, we are all wearing multiple hats and sometimes the roles and responsibilities get blurry. There are some people in the office that are good at getting away with doing little, but also good at negotiating a pay raise.

I’ve noticed the model work magically because when I have thoughts like “it’s hard telling people that they can’t do their work or that they’re not the right fit for the position,” I stay quiet, don’t say anything and observe.

C: Project
T: I don’t want to have to tell them they’re not doing their work. It’s not in my place to say.
F: small
A: avoid them, do work for them from time to time
R: Not say anything

I wait and stay quiet until things are about to burst. That’s when I feel determined but I don’t tell anyone what to do, I just fix it on my own.

C: project
T: Alright, this needs to get fixed now
F: Determination
A; Think that somethings has to be done, be super bold about it, don’t hesitate
R: things get fixed

Because this is just adding more workload on myself, when I see other people slacking off or not doing their work, I get irritated.

C: Project
T: They should be working
F: irritated
A: work but get distracted, think that I’m the only one working, get frustrated that they get paid more, try not to speak to them,
R: ??

I know that I have a big manual that people should work for what they are getting paid and if you don’t, that’s a big no-no. I can’t seem to let this go. I also don’t know what the R line could be for the last model.