Manual or belief

How do you know the difference between a manual, belief and values? I want to kind of ensure I am clear to help my self coaching and really keen to work on ditching my manuals for people..

I have just begun dating again after sometime.
1) My date invited himself to mine for dinner, and turned up at my home and did not “bring” flowers, chocolates, anything – he did bring himself (! ha ha)…I think I have a belief that that’s not what one does do I know if its manual or belief?
2) If I think there are certain ways you know if someone “likes” you or not…is this belief work…or manual work if they are not doing the things – I think it is beliefs..
3) I have been on a number of dates with this man, and he has text me every day, over the last 4 weeks, but for 3/4 days separately, has failed to text..I don’t necessarily think he should text me every day at all, as we all have our own lives..although I think I have a belief that if people don’t message you, they are trying to manage me and create space…as it seems inconsistent. And I think I hold consistency as quite an important value..and am not sure what work to do on that..

I have taken some of this to 1:1 coaching, but a lot is coming up as I haven’t dated in years and I really want to coach myself into the best place possible.

I have read everything on manuals, however I maybe misunderstanding it. Thanks so much