Manual or intentional?

I just started dating someone I really like. My intention with dating has been to find someone who would be a good friend, partner and dad. I was feeling really good about this and how great it’s been and how much clarity it’s given me in choosing who to date. It’s been quite effortless with this guy! Sure I notice sneaky thoughts come up about me not being good enough in various ways but I am owning that and staying conscious of it. I don’t feel needy or creepy and I feel worthy and equal for the first time ever.

But I just had the thought of is looking for someone who is a great friend, partner and dad a manual? I know those things are very subjective. But for me they have been sort of guide posts for who I choose to be in a relationship with.

Maybe this isn’t a problem at all. What do you think? Is it a manual? I think it’s serving me, so perhaps it isn’t one.