Manual – Part 2

Hi. After sending my question I searched for “manual” in this section and found more ideas to work with and ended up doing a couple of models. Am I doing the models correctly? And do you have a suggestion for me to move past my fear in the second model?

C = I have a relationship with another person.
T = We trade manuals with each other so we can understand and meet each other’s wants/needs/desires and have a good relationship.
F = expectation of the other person to follow my manual and of myself to follow theirs.
A = wait for the other person to meet my expectations. Do my best to meet theirs.
R = disappointment when they do not meet my expectations. Sometimes not being my true self while trying to meet theirs. Also, few friendships because I’m constantly disappointed.

New Model:
C = same
T = there are no manuals, we are both free to be ourselves
F = fear … I don’t know what to do without the manual to follow
A = post a question and ask for help
R = hopeful and excited anticipation mixed with worry I am being annoying for asking too many questions already and maybe looking stupid

Thank you!