Manuals for my Wife

Hi Brooke,

Can you help me with my Manual I have for my wife?
She lost her job 3 ½ years ago. She has done amazing dealing with the loss and has retrained into a new profession. The part that hasn’t gone so well is actually getting a job and I am wondering if she really doesn’t want to go back to work. I know adults can chose their own paths, but when it affects our family finances what can I do to deal with my thoughts?

C One income
T We need two incomes to survive in this city
F Scarcity
A Nag my wife to get a job
R We can’t and don’t talk about our finances

I imagine you will say I should ask myself how I want to feel and I would have to say Abundant because of my work I have been doing so far in SCS; however, when I try I start to feel resentful because I think I am tired of being the only one in this family bringing money in.

Love to hear your thoughts,