Too many books…cooking and diet…is this buffering?

Hello Brooke,
I am working thru your Life Coaching materials since January. I am benefiting from your expertise and mentoring. I have watched he OE stuff and really want to achieve my target weight. I have also done the Jan and Feb workbooks and daily work. I have achieved so much in my life and even see that the daily downloads are helping me get to things on a daily basis. I am killing the to do lists and making progress to the end goals. The target weight of 160 (I am 5’10”) has always seemed like a dream and not a reality. I am starting to feel like it could happen with the life changing skills of OE and CTFAR.

With all that, I am wondering if the huge libraries of books that I have on diet, exercise, cooking are a buffer? I may not rival you in the Amazon purchase department, but I have always enjoyed and appreciated knowledge and get a lot of it from books. I have already pared down all the noise of diets and programs to just your OE protocol and tools. What do you think of me cleansing all the books too? A part of me feels like I am amputating a body part by getting rid of knowledge….thoughts?