How Many Coaches Can One Have?

Lady Awesomeness…

Just few weeks before I joined SCS I hired a career/life coach and purchased ten sessions with her.
Then I joined SCS and I totally see it at least as a year-long program I am committed to.
Then, under your passionate recommendation, I resumed coaching with a screenwriting coach.

Now it feels a bit overly indulging and I am trying to decide whether I need three coaches around me. I mean, who has three coaches, for God sake?

I got to a point with my career/life coach where I tell her of all the opportunities I had, how many great things I keep creating and when we end the last few calls there is nothing further I need to work on as far as she’s concerned.
She knows I am on SCS and is amazed by the transformation I had since I joined. So in a way it seems like having her at this point is a bit of a luxury, as my current resources are not unlimited, and plus, how many coaches can one have?…

What do you think? And also what is a kind way to depart your coach?

That screenwriter.