Are there too many things on my schedule?

Hi Brooke,
I guess my main concern is that I’m having trouble with scheduling everything on the calendar and doing it. I find a lot of the results from certain actions depend on other people so I’m finding it really hard to create a schedule for 90 days. The scheduling overwhelms me. I have tried doing it for two weeks at a time but I also find I put too many things there and I don’t finish them and then the next day I have new things on top of the things I didn’t do from the day before so I feel stressed out and overwhelmed and then I end up doing even less. I don’t know if I should put fewer things…
I had a VERY hard time picking a goal. After a lot of resistance I finally did but at the same time, I don’t want to stop doing the other things I normally do like exercise, aerial classes, emotional growth exercises, kundalini yoga..
My goals at the beginning of the year where
1.Finish my house remodel. this is the goal I picked. It’s a huge and complicated project. This is the most urgent and practical goal and I’m not really excited by it but it’s super important for my lifestyle and for my family ( I can hear your voice saying to clean the thought ” I’m not really excited by the project”)
2.Follow the SCS program for one year, do all the exercises, attend calls, use resources etc..
3 I will learn aerial skills and perform by the end of the year
4 I will start my company- We are buying a state in Spain, to help someone financially, that I want to use for retreats in the future so I want to create a coaching business here and in Spain so I can realize my dream of organizing women’s retreat in this amazing place. This is my biggest dream but it’s the less urgent. It scares me to death and I feel its very far away and a fantasy…I have the name and the defined idea but not much more.
The goal I picked was the house remodel but I’m going to Aerial classes every day and following your SCS program intensively
I feel a little resentful when I think I chose to do the house first and forget about my dream temporarily but the house is a very urgent thing…
Apart from all this, I have 3 kids.
Do I have too much or is it just that I need to learn to schedule better? I know that I need to focus on one thing but I don’t want to stop going to classes or dedicating time to my emotional growth
Another thing that is huge is that I try not to buffer anymore ( I buffered in all the ways you can think of and more) and this also takes work and part of my attention.
I have done tons of thought downloads with models all this month but I feel a little discouraged and lost.
I need some kind of guidance on this
I would super appreciate your help
I send you love