Too many veggies? Is 4 oz. of meat before or after cooking?

My protocol is two meals, noon and 6 pm, no snacks, no flour/sugar. I am absolutely adhering to it, hungry as I am, but after initial loss of 7 lbs, my weight is not moving much. I am going to start weighing my food and see it that will help. Is 4 oz. meat after it is cooked of before? Should I be weighing veggies? Last night’s meal was from the garden: cooked green beans, beets, salad of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, basil with 4 oz. fish and half of a fresh peach. Is this just too much of good, natural garden food? Should I be weighing green beans, beets, tomatoes, etc….and if so, how much total weight of veggies?