March belief homework question

Good Morning,
I am trying to word my new belief and am struggling a bit. This is the model that I currently have about a very deeply ingrained belief:

C: Mom says words
T: I can’t do what I want to or be who I want to because my Mom doesn’t approve.
F: stifled, childlike, immature, stuck, guilty
A: I don’t do anything my Mom says not to.
R: I can’t be myself and don’t do what I want

So I know that I want to feel confident and empowered (among other something else that I can’t put a word to, like all options are available to me) and to do that I have to think that I can choose to be whoever and do whatever I want but this thought doesn’t seem powerful enough or worded correctly to make me feel confident and empowered. Any advice and/or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!