March Home Work BH

Hi Brooke

I don’t think I have properly understood the March homework but listened today to one of the Q&A March video’s which has helped.

In the homework I have started to write the new sentence I want to believe and do the questions before I do the positive download so that I can write the positive download in view of the thoughts I want to believe but I’m not sure if this is the right approach?

The new thought I want to believe is

1. “I am a calm, emotionally mature and confident woman”
2. I feel like I can get to this place but I am not there yet
3. Conflicting sentences:

I am still erratic at times
“I am learning to become more balanced and calm everyday”

I still get scared
” I am learning to gain control over my emotions”

I still worry and get upset or angry
” I am learning to discern the thoughts I have that cause me to react negatively”

I still want to get my own way often
“I am learning that I don’t always need to be right”

I find conflict very stressful
” I am learning how to conduct myself and manage my emotions in conflict situations”

I am terrified to speak in public
” One day I will speak confidently in public”

When someone says/or does something I immediately view it as rejection and feel very down
” I know that I am hurting my own feelings and that it is a thought loop, my understanding of this is growing”

Am I on the right track with these alternative thoughts? I am not 100% sure about the massive action to take other than to keep doing my models and learning to stop and think (If I can before I react: not always possible!)

Once I have these new thoughts, the positive download is directly related to the new alternative thoughts and ladder thoughts, is this correct?
Many thanks BH