March Homework

Hello! I just have to say that each month’s work comes exactly when I need. (I like that thought!) SO excited for March. I was just wondering if you could clarify a couple of things for me. First off, I’m thinking we practice the SAME sentence the whole month right? It’s not like we would pick a new sentence every day correct? Secondly, I know I want my result to eventually be self-love, feeling enough, and worthiness (could this be too broad?). So, I have my R in my new intentional model. Each day I want to generate the feeling of compassion for myself. Here is my intentional model so far:

C- Self
F- Compassion
R- self-love, enough, worthiness

I’m left with my thoughts and actions. It’s not that I don’t want to go directly to believing I’m enough right away/I totally love me, but I think laddering would really help me. Is there a thought that would include all three? Possibly – I’m learning to love myself one day at a time; I don’t like myself much now, but it could change; I’m learning to love myself in my beautiful humanity; or I’m learning to see that I’m enough without having to make changes. Any suggestions? I’m thinking the actions will come once I get the thought narrowed down! Thank you!