March homework

Hi Brooke, March are my favourite exercises so far. I just listened to your podcast “who are you becoming” which is a great addition to this month. My question, when we counter our obstacle thoughts with an alternative thought and massive action, should we state it in a way that it coming from our future self and it’s already done or should that alternative thought be more of a laddering thought that we can truly believe? For example #3. Today my is brain is coming up with, I am not being diligent enough with my marketing tasks to create the exposure I need. #4. I will schedule and commit to marketing tasks 1 hr 3x a week. Or – I committed to marketing tasks with lazer focus 3x a week and have the results to prove it.
I’m reading each one deciding which one feels more true so I will be compelled to take massive action. The second one does. In study hall the coach instructor did some great examples of this but if I remember correctly they were more like the first example. Would love your perspective, thank you so much.