March homework and impossibility

I’m a little confused on the March homework. Does the sentence we are committing to have to feel impossible? Can it just be something we want to think but don’t at the moment? And does the daily positive thought download focus just on that topic, or are we looking for positivity in various areas of our lives. So for example, I would like to work on my thoughts about my husband, and improve how I am showing up in our relationship. I want to feel more loving where I currently will often feel apathy. I want to be more kind and emotionally demonstrative. None of that feels impossible, it’s just not my current thinking. The process still works, right? I should be creating thoughts that produce those emotions/results, correct? And I practice them in the homework. But is the thought download focused on positive thoughts about my husband or all areas of my life. What’s been very interesting to me as I’ve considered what to work on for March, I actually have some resistance to doing this work on my relationship, even though that’s an area of my life I want to improve.