March homework – answering conflicting sentences

I’m struggling with the section of the homework which looks at conflicting sentences. Are there any tips on formulating compelling alternative thoughts? At the moment it seems very easy to dismiss my alternative thoughts and I feel like I end up just arguing with myself.

An example:
1) New sentence:
I can be a writer

2) How does this feel:

3) Why:
I wonder what I am going to learn. This feels right.

4) Conflicting sentences:
What if I can’t do it. You won’t be able to write anything good, you never have before. You won’t have the discipline to sit down every day and do this.

5) Counter arguments:
I might be able to do this. I might write something good. I can practice being disciplined. You can do this [brain says ‘no you can’t do it’ etc]

6) Note from your future self:
Don’t give up

Also: how does the model fit into this month’s work or is this just something we practice every day on a thought we want to examine (I joined the programme in February and am not very clear on when we should be practising the model).

Many thanks.