March homework – commit to making a decision or the decision outcome?

Hello there,
This is mostly about March homework but has business implications, too. Hope it’s okay to post here. I have been in indecision about my business niche and would love to move past it — both my current business writing/communications niche (business I am working in now) and my coaching niche to choose after the May training (so psyched!).

Here is the question: For March, should I commit to believing that I have gone past the uncertainty and made the decision, something like “I chose a niche and am making it a success with no regrets,”


Should I pick a niche (for either bus comm/writing or coaching) and commit to believing that I will make the niche awesome, something like “I write white papers and articles for strategy consultants” or “I coach freelance writers working from home offices (that are SO close to the kitchen) on weight loss”?

In March 2017, this work was really powerful for me. I chose to believe that I maintain 160 pounds confidently and peacefully (I was right around 200 pounds then). Since September, I have been between 152 and 155 pounds–and it has been SO EASY!!

I want to use the work for this March to have a big impact, as well. What do you think? What level of belief should I go for? Just believing I am past the indecision or the actual decision, itself?

Thanks, Brooke and Brooke’s awesome coaches!!