March Homework – Need to Choose One New Belief!

Hi Brooke,
I am so excited about this month’s homework. I get that I need to focus on one belief for my homework every day this month. I’m having trouble deciding which one. There are two new beliefs I want:

1) I maintain my weight of 160 pounds with great confidence and peace (my current circumstance is that I weigh 205 pounds at 5’11 and still feel strong desire for food as pleasure/buffering).

2) I make a living writing children’s fiction (Circumstance: I currently make a living as a business writer and have written two children’s books but am struggling to move my writing into an actual career, (meaning that I don’t make writing a daily habit and rarely submit my writing to agents)).

I am tempted to go with belief #1 because food and my weight are something that come up in my brain ALL THE TIME. Maybe if I didn’t think about my next meal so much, I would find more time for writing! But I would like your opinion.