March Homework – Thought Download and New Belief


March is my first month in the Self Coaching Scholars program. I’m really excited about this opportunity and have been enjoying the materials sent in the bonus box.

I would like to make sure I clearly understand the thought download process. I understand it to be sitting and physically writing every thought that comes to mind, and if nothing comes to mind, repeating the last sentence until more ideas begin to flow. This month we are doing this with positive statements about our new belief. If that is correct, my question is how long do we do this download? 5 minutes?

And secondly, I have 2 projects currently underway with one my clear priority. Normally, I would then turn all this work towards my first priority, but, I already know I’m going to succeed at that one. The second priority is the one that seems too wild to be possible. Should I focus this month on that one or on both or just on my top priority?

Thanks so much!