March HW Question

This is an exciting month (this is my second month of scholars)! I have a question for setting your new thoughts and beliefs as we start the new month.

Are you only picking one thought (one sentence) for the entire month and practicing this one thought only? The reason I ask there are lots of new visions (or at least a few) I want to create. And, of course my mind wants to create a big vision where it’s trickling in all areas I want to become and become the best version of myself. Can I do it simultaneously? Or, should I stick to just one OR have an entire vision set w/detail. For example, I also have a vision written (separately that I did before this) that is what I imagine my life to look like that I try to visualize often. Now the sentence I picked will help create that bigger vision.

But for this HW I picked one sentence which is “I am making $250,000 every 6 months for my 6 month program”. Should I practice just this one sentence all month. And/or, is this too vague (should I be writing the exact program and envision all the little details that are with this which would involve more sentences). However, I also want to be thin and am working on this as well. So I guess my bigger question is should I be creating this whole big vision in great detail or will that be too overwhelming for my mind and think “how ???” is that going to happen and close down! I honestly do not know which new thought to create first. For instance, I guarantee if I’m making $250000 I would imagine I am already thin because that is also part of the issue…and if I’m making $250,000 I’m taking massive action (on what I’m not sure yet). So should this just be in my envisioning process and keep that sentence as it is.

I’ve done this quite a few times in my life and I really want to this to truly work, manifest and transform myself and business going through this program.