March HW – Thought Download

Hi Brooke, I know this question has been brought up before so I’m sorry if this seems redundant. I’ve actually copied the answer you had someone else asked so I can look at it to help me with the thought download but I still struggle with writing it.

When I do it, I write it from my future self on what my day might look like. Sometimes its gratitude, sometimes I just my amazement of what my life looks like at the time and I envision it. I know in one case I saw you suggested that the thought download is just a stream of positive thoughts that you might be thinking. I honestly have no idea what that could be unless I “pretend” I’m living that day but it feels so superficial. I don’t have the regular positive thoughts that might come at this time throughout the day so I can’t seem to pull them up unless I pretend this “thought download”. Is that what I should be doing? I will probably continue this from now on in my journal. Do you think it’s just because I don’t believe it or I’m not thinking hard or deep enough to come up with this naturally.

My new belief is that “I’m a life coach that is making $250,000 every six months” – originally when I started it was from my 6 month program and more toward holistic health coaching. I’ve since signed up for certification and I’m hoping this clarity and decision has evolved into what I truly want. But even that I’m questioning my decision and thinking maybe it’s my ego once again that is making me switch because I still have yet to grow my holistic health business. I still want to incorporate them both but have no idea “how” and I know I shouldn’t worry about the how. But how? What that will look like which has always been my struggle because I love personal development just as much as holistic health. ugh.