March monthly goal and thought

My monthly goal is to sell my biz this month
My thought is I sold my biz this month for 40 k and make 100 k clear this year.
If I don’t sell, I don’t I will close. Selling feels like a real stretch for sure. I can believe it, but it leaves the result sort of out of my hands. I can take massive action to increase the likelihood, but someone has to say yes and step up and pay in less then a month. I don’t get a buyer after 20 more days Im ready to close.

should I change my thought? to be something I can have the total control over….

C – Selling or closing my biz this month for 40 k
T Lisa said no today, how will I get a great buyer buyer this month ?
F – Panic, and overwhelm
A – Buffer, check email, start to look for what’s next, question if my monthly sentence is not right
R – Probably not sell my biz this month, more importantly take actions from not the best place.

C – Selling biz this month for 40 k
T – I know what is best to do, I will take massive action and get it done
F – Determined
A – Make calls, follow my timeline, list on biz buy sell, get agent, start to look for what’s next actions
R – Maybe sell, maybe close, think of the future