March Sentence: "I am unapologetically myself and confident at all times"

Upon doing my very first thought download and the five questions around a chosen sentence, I felt super good about it and was totally believing in it.

However, after some digging I found the following conflicting thoughts:
1.”I’m afraid that I my mom/people in general will think I’m weak/incapable. Or that I will think myself weak/incapable.”
2. “This is unrealistic- I’ve felt unconfident far too often in the past.”

To which I thought of the following alternative thoughts:
1. “I have no problem letting people be wrong about me.” and “I can handle any emotion.”
2. “My past doesn’t define my future, I am capable of so much more.”

But now I’m having trouble thinking of massive actions to take to support these positive alternative thoughts. How am I supposed to fill this part out / what kind of actions do you think I could take?

Also, do you think it’s unwise to commit to a goal sentence that’s so absolute? Since maybe I can’t expect to *always* feel confident? I sure want to though!

Thanks in advance!