March work

I have benefitted so much from everything since October, but this month has been especially good. This morning, while trying to get moving past some health issue things, I couldn’t think of a positive-sounding download. So I read back through the month, but just the answers to the last question of each day (future self talking to present self). It was incredible how happy and excited I felt after reading all of those final sections, one after the other. I am going to type up all of those sections and read through them each day and put the list with my huge yearly goal work that came out of Dec.’s and Jan.’s subjects. I will email the list to myself too, so that I can read it on my phone during down times/waiting times/etc. I might even do an audio recording so that I can listen to it when walking or doing dishes or whatever.

I think I will go back through the books starting in October and pull out other nuggets and do the same thing. It’s so easy to forget the previous month’s work the minute we start a new month and a new subject.