March Work is Amazing!!

I just wanna say March work is AMAZING!!!

At the start of the month, the new sentence i choose to believe is that “I am a great leader”. This pertains to my position at work where i really really have a lot of insecurities. Prior to SCS i really believed that it is about the position and everything related to it. I was blaming everyone and everything and the process and the system and other departments and my boss and my people for whenever there is a problem. And i was always wanting to resign because of stress and discomfort and struggles that i am experiencing which i believed i cannot do anything about. I was always thinking of quiting and failing ahead of time instead of facing the issues because i am thinking that all should be perfect, all should follow the rules, im having manuals for everyone and for myself. And i was always beating myself up for being so incapable of handling people and always stressed out when something went wrong and i was afraid of talking to my people and how they will react to what ill say and what they will think about me. I thought that the way to avoid/change my feelings and outlook is to resign and find a better job with better people and better system and better everything.

But as i start to study and use the tools and concept of SCS i learned (and am continuously learning) that my life is in my control and i can believe anything i want. And March work really nailed it.

My sentence “i am a great leader” i would never have even dared utter or even think about prior scholars. And at the start of the month i am skeptical if it is really possible. But it is what i want to believe that is why i choose this sentence. And did the work for Mar (although not 100% consistent but i know it is perfect for me because it is how it happened 🙂 ). At first i struggled to be that person. And i learned that it is because i define a great leader by what i think others will define it. But in scholars i learned that it really is a how i make it mean to me, how i define it myself. I can think anything about me.

And true enough it made so much of a difference in my feelings and in how i act and in my results. Now i know it is not impossible, in fact i believe i can be. I am that person 🙂 I am much more at peace and calm now, i learned how to manage my stress which is all in my thinking, and i am now fully accepting the responsibility (instead of running away from it and always making excuses why i am not performing and always blaming others). I know this is 50:50 but i also know i have my own back always. I am enjoying this. This is fun and exciting 🙂

Im excited for the coming months and what i can discover about myself and what is possible for me.

Thanks so so much!!