marco- 5 glasses of wine model

I am working on model as suggested beginning with A filled in first- trying to find my thoughts/emotions that keep me going off plan.
unintentional C-evenings
T- I got it all done- I deserve my reward
F- entitled (What class of feeling is entitled? )
A- drink 5 glasses of wine
R- can’t lose weight, stay stuck, don’t stick to drink plan of 2

Intentional: ( I worked this with action filled in first to see what i need to fill my head with instead)
T- I got it all done-now let’s work on that 100 urge list!
F- proud- capable- (but actually I feel I’m getting ripped off my reward)
A- allow urges instead of drinking
R- decrease drinking desire- successful in wt loss and sticking to plan.

unintentional C-Evenings
T- If I can’t have wine then all my tasks/accomplishments today go unrewarded
F entitled- (this seems to be a pesky emotion-or is it a thought?)
A- drink 5 glasses of wine
R- stay stuck- desire remains high

I think I’m going to do some research on the word entitled and some thought work on it.