Marco- a ? about money

money isn’t a big issue for me- but i was curious and saw some of your coaching about it and decided to check out the course. ALSO since I have decided to take a part time job after “retiring” for the past 5 years- I was interested in how to ask for the money I want. I am supposed to start next week if all the details can be settled. I am an RN but very specialized in a specific field and I was ASKED to apply for this job and they have rewritten the job to accommodate it for me. They gave me flexibility to choose the two days of the week and are willing to accommodate me dropping off my daughter in the morning and then heading to work (45 min to an hour away). I have tried to do some research on what experienced nurses at this hospital/area make- but having some problems believing the sites and don’t know anyone there. I know what the person who has a similar job in another state is making- but she’s 30 years in.
I feel some of my “compensation” is provided in giving me the tremendous flexibility they have. I have been VERY fortunate that way in my entire 25 year career. But the compensation is still going to come down to dollars/hour worked. I can’t ask for an amount far above what the hospital already pays experienced RN’s ( I would think teachers are also in the same boat).
Your ideas in the course seem adaptable to becoming a consultant- but I love the idea of just coming in- doing my thing very well- and all the billing, scheduling etc etc is all taken care of by someone else. That leaves me to still make a great contribution- but remain family focused on my non working days. Just curious about your ideas on those of us in professions who are in the more traditional set up- AND enjoy that set up?
thanks, Anne