marco- i ate the frickin fritos

I have been in scholars for 6 months- I stopped drinking wine on January first and have been doing very well- used to drink 4 glasses a night- so mind blowing actually. Last night I had more urges for wine than I have been – just noted them- but them I started having urges for snack food and this snack bag of chili fritos kept calling to me- I tried to talk myself into tea instead, sit with the urge and ended up eating them- not even enjoying them. So today Idid my thought download and models and that “entitled” feeling was there- I wanted and felt entitled to a reward for the long week- start of the weekend. (Entitled kept coming up for wine too- but when you find the feeling it becomes much easier to find better thoughts)
Please comment on entitled
C- Fritos in house
T- I deserve a treat after the long week- I was good all week-
F- Entitled
A- Ate fritos
R- went off plan

intentional C- Fritos in house
T “I’m entitled to the body of my dreams
F Gung ho
A- Find another treat- enjoy lavender tea before bed
R- Stay on plan
I was concerned that I am wanting a “treat” but if it doesn’t have negative consequences who cares? Is there something wrong with wanting a reward? I want to buy a new dress as a reward when I drop my first 20 lbs-
I want some kind of reward- I guess I found my next model work?