marco- December goal and ask Brooke

I have been in scholars since August with no change in my weight- I keep starting and restarting- so this months work can but it all together for me. My impossible goal is to weigh 110 lbs- currently i’m 170 and just under 5’2”. My long list is all the items for overdrinking and over eating. I have been a faithful call attender or listener if I can’t hear live. But rarely have posted here and when I write it all out I do better, but I keep finding things to get in the way of sitting down and doing the homework consistently.
One of my 25 actions is to engage you on ask Brooke twice a week.
Please comment on my model- unintentional
C- I drink up to 5 glasses of wine nightly
T- That is not healthy and you should be embarassed
F- shame and fear
A- continue pattern-hide from myself that reality
P- don’t change or stick with drink plan

C- same
T- you are learning and practicing the skills to change that
F- curious and capable
A- do drink plan, do opps and move on- do daily homework- do challenging event sheet
R- progress