MARCO- Model tweaks

I have been slacking on my ask Brooke. I find myself still less than committed to this- in my head I am but in action less so. I was doing great on the overdrinking and still feel I am way better than I was- I think I want it to be happening faster and not be so challenging or so much work- so I get frustrated with myself. But I have also promised to stop beating myself up and instead try and look with curiosity. But just like my teenager- sometime I want to instead say to myself “Just Knock it off- already and do what you are supposed to”
Last night I had one unplanned glass of wine and a bunch of snack foods. (typically I don’t eat snack foods-but drink more wine- so I totally see how I just traded) I had a great day- very busy with lots of time constraints, but luxury not work related- but time sensitive. It had been a busy week. I have decided it would be nice to trade my wine habit/treat in the evening to tea. I know my feeling at the end of the day is “entitled” and “deserving” and although I recognize them as indulgent emotions, if I trade the “reward” to something without negative consequences-wouldn’t that solve the issue? But I feel if I only change the Action- it’s cheating. But then I think who cares- I want the reward and better to learn to like something like tea?? Do I need to work on changing the feeling? And if so why?
C: Evening
T: “I want to relax- It’s been a long, non-stop day and I deserve a reward” “Finally ME time”
F: Entitled- deserving
A: drink wine
P: Don’t stay on plan- perpetuate a habit that doesn’t serve me

INSTEAD C: Evening
A: make a cup of sleepytime tea to sip as I veg on couch before bed for a little while
R: Stay on plan- create a new habit that does serve me

thanks- interested in what you have to say.