marco- scale question

I am really loving the weight masterclass videos- One thing I notice is that when the scale doesn’t change much or keeps going up and down 3 lbs- I give myself permission to keep “grabbing ass” I have lost 10 lbs but still 40 to go. I notice my commitment and honoring myself is not strong. And I’l allowing the scale to justify it because it’s not going up too much and I can bring it back down- but I’ve been stuck for 4 months now. So I was thinking of skipping the scale for two weeks and making success mean I have honored my commitments of food journaling, urge documenting and sticking to protocol no matter what instead. Thoughts?
C: I weigh 163
T: You still are 8 lbs down-it could be worse- whew-
F; relieved
A: continue grabbing ass, not planning, not documenting urges and food journal
R: Stay between 161 and 163 FOREVER

C: I weigh 8-10 lbs less than in January
T: If you journal, plan ahead, log urges and honor your commitments to no flour, no sugar and no wine you can reach your goal of 110lb.
F: excited yet daunting
A- measure success with sticking to the plan and commitment for two weeks instead of the scale number
R: be proud no matter what the scale says at the end of two weeks if I have food journal complete x 14 days. logged urges, and stuck to food protocol.