Marketing for 1:1 Coaching

How is the marketing for 1:1 coaching just starting out different from marketing for group/continuity coaching? You mentioned that when you started out you marketed locally with print ads vs. now you are using Facebook ads along with your podcast. I have signed up for Claire Pells Facebook course and she provides a spreadsheet where you can plug in your FB ads budget and make a few assumptions about your cost per lead and conversion rate to calculate your ROI. If I make the assumption of $2.50 per lead, and a 1% (.01) conversion rate (which Claire suggests to keep low if you’re just starting out), that means for investing $1000 in FB ads, I would get 4 clients. That’s a big IF. That’s IF the targeting is spot on (to people who need it and can afford it). That’s IF my landing page converts. That’s IF they don’t unsubscribe before I get to the ask. That’s IF I do sales conversations reasonably well.

It feels like there’s a lot of uncertainty in FB marketing and you can spend a lot of money with no guarantee of getting any clients out of it. I would like to pursue other avenues of advertising. I don’t know a lot of people and I’ve tried joining “networking” groups without much success, so what else could I do? Please don’t say speaking! Other ideas besides speaking (cause I know you’re going to say it)? Please tell me more about your ad and how that worked! Thanks so much!